Tetanus Vaccination without Needle

New Delhi (October 27)—The National Institute of Immunology is conducting a research on how to use a patch instead of needle to administer tetanus vaccine, without causing pain.

Since 2003, Prof Dr Pramod Upadhyay, the initiator this yet-to-be discovered method continues his experiments he conducts on monkeys and mice.

According to him, when this research is successful, it will present many advantages to the society.

“Apart from its being painless, once this research is successful, there will no longer be a need of manufacturing needles and no more diseases transmitted via hypothermic needles,” says Upadhyay.

According to him, it takes 30 for the medicine to penetrate the outer layers of the skin before removing the patch away from the skin.

“I will die happy if I die after this innovation is effective,” concludes Prof Upadhyay.

Oswald Mutuyeyezu


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